ClickBid Release Notes 4.16

April 9, 2017


  • A ‘Scroll to top’ button (blue arrow up) was added to the bidding site browse pages.
  • Reports >> No Bid Items has been upgraded to allow starting bids to be quickly changed. The desired reduction can be entered either as a percentage or straight dollar amount and all unbid items on the page will have a new suggested starting bid calculated. The new bid can then be typed to update the starting bid instantly.
  • The ‘Register Today!’ button was changed to say ‘Register to Bid’
  • Item Donors’ was added as a Group Email filter to allow emailing to Item Donors.
  • If a bidder re-uses their personal bidding link to access the bidding site and they are already logged in, they will be logged directly into the site instead of confirming their name each time.
  • All features can now be purchased at one time from either a demo account or using an invoice sales code.
  • Sample default content for ‘Signup Thankyou’, ‘Login message’ and ‘Statement footer’ has been removed for any new accounts that sign up.
  • Event Functions >> Checked In Bidders now has columns for ‘Checked in by’ and ‘Checked in date/time’
  • Account >> Account Settings now will not allow an @yahoo email address to be entered as the admin email address and includes a popup with info as to why it is not allowed.
  • now will not allow an @yahoo email address to be entered as the admin email address.
  • Account >> Account Status when selecting renewal, the renewal page will no longer allow an @yahoo email address to be entered as the admin email address.
  • Event Tickets >> Ticket Page Settings will now allow a ‘Receipt email address’ to be entered (multiple allowed, separated by comma). This will provide a carbon copy email of ticket purchases to the provided email (or to the admin email if left blank). Upon renewal, any email address that had been entered here will be removed, defaulting delivery back to the admin email address.
  • Software Settings >> Manage All Images now has a ‘select all’ checkbox to select all images, making it more convenient to select most but not all images for deletion.
  • A cancel link is now available on the first page of the online donation form that will return the user back to the login page.
  • Post Event >> Event Payments batch credit processing summary email now indicates the organization name in the body of the email.

Issues Resolved

  • The Copy & CSV buttons on various pages in the admin were not displaying in some browsers.
  • The text message filter for All Bidders with no CC on file was sending messages to all bidders.
  • Using the batch update ‘delete’ option was allowing items with bids to be deleted.
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