ClickBid 11.0.230110 Release

January 10, 2023


Multi Events: Unlimited and simultaneous events!

  1. Logging in to the admin site is now via email/password. Using a keyword for logging in is no longer an option. Once logged in, if permissions allow, the Organization level page will be presented.
    1. Organization level menu includes (based on permissions):
      1. Account: This is where Org Contact info, Address, Tax info, Upgrade options, and invoice/receipts are located.
      2. Events: When logging into the Organization admin you will be taken to the events tab by default. This is where you can view active and inactive events, add events, deactivate events, and add a dedicated customer advisor to an event.
      3. Users: If there is more than one person who can have organizational permissions, they can be added here. Event level User permissions can also be added/edited here.
        1. For more information view our best practice:
      4. Recurring Donors: This section is for recurring donors from all events. Each event still provides the ability to see the recurring donations specific to that event.
      5. Select Org/Event: This will take you back to the select org/event page for users with permission to multiple organizations or events.
      6. Profile: Change/update login information such as password. Note that a username can be created if desired (to use for logging in instead of using email) and 2 factor authentication can be enabled if desired.
      7. Logout

    2. Demo admins will have a red ‘Activate Account’ button in the top right corner.
    3. Admins ready to renew will have a red ‘Renew Today’ button in the top right corner.
    4. Events: Default is 10 active events at one time. If more events are needed, contact your Account Manager for Assistance.
    5. Adding a new event
      1. Creating a ‘New Event’ when there is already an active event? Choose a new keyword for the new event.
      2. Creating a new event with an inactive keyword? That keyword can be used for the new event.
      3. When creating an event, Event Start Date and Event Closing Date will be required. The support date will default to the Event Closing Date. Enter the time zone for the event as well.
      4. When creating an event, add an Event Administrator. This person will be given full user permissions to that event. To give them Organization level permission, add them as a user under the Organization>User tab. 
      5. When creating an event, Start with default data or copy data from a previous event. (Active or inactive event)
        1. Data that can be copied:
          • Bidders (including cards on file)
          • Items & Item Donors (including images)
          • Landing Page Settings
          • Ticket page(s) (if available)
          • Merchant Account (or can add a new one at the event level)
          • Pre-Composed Texts (if the mass messaging feature is available)
          • Pre-Composed Emails (if the mass messaging feature is available)
          • Custom CSS (if available)
      6. Active and Inactive Events
        1. Active events can not be archived. They can be deactivated and all the reports stay with that event.
          • For more information see our best practice:
    6. Note that only a single event can be accessed at one time in a given browser. If one event is opened in one tab and another event is opened in a second tab, if the first event is accessed again, a popup will be shown indicating that another event has been accessed and this tab will be refreshed to the most recently accessed event.
  2. Event page changes
    1. Butler Login-
      1. User email and password are required. 
      2. Once logged in the user will see ‘Select an Event’ click the drop down arrow to choose your event. If the user has permission for multiple events, all those events will show. The event name and (keyword) are shown to assist in determining the correct event to log into.
      3. Updated the ‘done’ and ‘cancel’ buttons to make them more visible.
    2. Software Settings
      1. Removed Account Status – This is now located under the Organization page and labeled Account. 
      2. Removed Data Management – No longer archiving events. Events will now be deactivated from the Organization Events page.  This will keep all reports and data available, unpaid checkouts will still be able to process, and the keyword can be reused (the event has to be set to inactive in order to reuse the keyword). The ability to send mass email/text will not be available in an inactive event and the event date can no longer be changed.
        • For more information see our best practice:
      3. Connect to Archives – This will still show only if a previous archive exists. 
      4. Logout has been removed from software settings and is now located at the bottom of the menu.
    3. Organization: This menu option is used to return to the Organization page. 
    4. Event Tickets>View Ticket sales: When deleting a ticket purchase under ‘batch update’ this will remove the ticket purchase permanently. We are no longer archiving data. Before clicking update, a popup reminder will show. 
    5. Donations/Text-to-Give>Manage Donations: When deleting a donation under ‘batch update/ this will remove the donor record permanently. The popup reminder will show before clicking update.
  3. Buy Swipers page added a Note field with updated verbiage. 

For more information please view this tutorial on the Multi Events


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