ClickBid 10.3.221117 Release

November 18, 2022


  1. Manage Items: Once an item has bids, its item type can not be changed.
    • From the Manage Items table view clicking on the item type if it has bids a pop up will show
      Item type gridview popup
    • Batch update: If attempting to batch update the ‘Item Type’, if a given item has bid, an error message for the items with bids will show at the top of the manage items page when trying to process the updated item type.
    • Edit Item: the item type will be greyed out if the item has bids. Added an info bubble next to ‘Item Type’
  2. Text Bidder & Welcome Text added ‘To learn more about S.H.A.F.T. censored SMS text compliance’ as a link to the best practice.
    • Text Bidder> Compose a text
      Mass Messaging Text
    • Butler>Welcome Email
      Welcome Text
  3. Training/Support:
    1. Added a tab for ‘Write a Review’ with a link to
      Write a review
    2. Users Permissions added a permission field for ‘Write a Review’ under ‘Training Permissions’
      User Permissons
  4. Outbid Notices: If the item name contains a S.H.A.F.T word (i.e. wine, bourbon, etc), the outbid notice will show the item number but not the item name.
    • If the item name does not have any filtered words, the full item name shows. This change is so we can stay in compliance with the cellular provider’s guidelines.
      text message

Issues Resolved:

  1. Bidding site> Item Search: If an item has an emoji in the item name and is being searched on the bidding site using the emoji, the search will find and show the item.
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