ClickBid 10.3.220913 Release

September 23, 2022


  1. Mass Messaging> Text Bidders: SHAFT filtering (sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, tobacco) has been added to text messaging to ensure compliance with wireless carrier policies for shortcode messaging (i.e. 56651). If a word is on the list of ‘inappropriate’ words it will be masked in a text, i.e. “wine” will be “w**e”.
  2. Data Management: Verbiage updates
    1. Added the ‘Download a Zip File of All Images’ and ‘Download Reports’ blue boxes.
    2. The red ‘Note’ box is conditional and will only show if the admin has checkouts that still need to be processed.
    3. Added: ‘Note: Auction Settings and Landing Page Content will NOT be archived – those settings will remain as you have them now.’
    4. Changed “Please choose an option” to “Please choose an archive option”.
    5. Added “Archiving cannot be undone”.
    6. Added “To Archive your ticket sales follow the steps in the Archive Ticket Sales best practice.”
      & “To Archive your Donations/Text-To-Gives follow the steps in the Archive Online Donations best practice.”
      data management
    7. After clicking the ‘Send Data to Archive’ Button, a popup was added to confirm the archive step.
      Confirm Archiving Data
  3. Admin>New Event Instructions: Updated the verbiage and made this page more legible. The changes are the same as on the Data Management page with the exception of keeping information about a second chance auction.
    new event

    • A green field will populate at the top with the message: “Your event data has been queued for archiving. The archiving process can take up to 20 minutes to complete.”
    • After archiving from the new event page, the page view changes. Everything below the blue boxes and above ‘To view your archived data, select Software Settings >> Connect to Archives’ is removed.
      after archive
  4. Manage Bidders and Manage Items updated the “Bidders Do Not receive notification via text/email upon winning an item-more info” so it would be more noticeable to the user.
  5. Auction Settings> Custom Content: Statement footer added an info bubble.
    info bubble
  6. Landing Page Content> Sections A – D. When inserting an image in the first line of the content box, the image toolbar will now show completely.
  7. Event Central> Live Broadcast: Under the Training Resources box, the following verbiage was removed: “Office hours Tuesday’s at 4 pm (EST) for questions pertaining to EventStream & related tech like OBS. Sign up – Click Here”.

Issues Resolved:

  1. Ticket Page Settings>Form Name: If the form name is changed the customizable content will remain the same.
  2. Ticket Page> In the ‘Contact’ section, the ‘Company Name’ field had its placeholder ‘Company Name’ removed.
  3. Recurring Donors: ‘Send login link’ will send to donors who do not have a history yet with a recurring donation.
  4. Auction Settings>Payment: When purchasing swipers, if the credit card is declined and the purchase is attempted again, the price is maintained at $50 per swiper.
  5. Event Payments>Paid Checkouts: if a bidder has been refunded, bids removed for items, and the bidder is deleted, the transaction is showing ‘Bidder Removed’ under the ‘Bidder Name’ column, and the print/email icons are removed.
  6. Mass Message>Text Bidders the message body box is not allowing more than 160 characters when being copied and pasted from a doc.
  7. User Permissions> Went through the full admin and updated links that were showing when the user did not have permissions to a certain are of the admin.
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