ClickBid 10.3.220816 Release

June 16, 2022


  1. Text Messaging: The ‘Reply Yes’ text message will no longer be sent to confirm consent.
    1. Users will no longer have to reply Yes via text to receive messages.
  2. Admin>Login: When logging in with Keyword/Password there is now a popup to create a User Profile.
    1. Coming June 2023, the only way to log in to the admin will be via email/password. Every admin user will need to have an email User Profile set up.
      • The admin login process will not change until June 2023. Logging in can still be done with a Keyword or email. This is to prep the Fall/Spring organizations with enough time to get a user profile set before the Keyword login goes away.
    2. Once a profile has been set up the popup will no longer be shown when logging in. The popup will continue to show until a user profile has been created.
    3. The User Profile will be created for the admin will the same user permissions as logging in with a keyword.
    4. If the Account Settings>contact info has more than one email address, all the emails will show in a drop-down on the popup. The user can choose which email address to use. After creating an initial user profile, an admin user will need to go to Software Settings>Users and create the profiles for any other users who need access.
      • When a client logs into the admin with a keyword/password they will see the popup below.
      • Once they click ‘Create Account’ an email will be sent to email address that is located under Account Settings.
      • Emailed received is just like the email for setting up a new user.  If an account already existed for that email address, the email received will not include instructions or a link for setting up a password as the password was already set up by that user.
      • Once the user profile has been set up, when logging in with the email/password, a link will appear for “Profile” under Software Settings.
      • If there is more than one email listed under Account Settings then all emails will show in the drop down. Once one email user has been created, the pop-up will not show again. It will be the organization’s responsibility to set up email accounts and user permissions for any other users they want to have access to the admin.
      • Click the dropdown arrow and all emails located under the Account Settings>Contact info will show.
      • When logging in with an email address, if that address has access to more than one admin account, the ‘Select an Organization’ page will show with a drop-down menu. Select the desired admin to log in to and click the submit button.
  3. Ticket Page> purchase tickets: If the admin has a fee description set up (under Auction Settings>Payment), that Fee Description will show on the ticket page under Payment. A ‘Fee Desc:’ line was added and the ‘Opt out of:’ message was updated. If no ‘Admin Fees Description’ is set, only the default message will show.
    • Default message is:
    • When there is a fee description entered under Auction Settings>Payment, the ‘Fee Desc:’ and the ‘Opt out of:’ will match on the ticket purchase page:
    • If not allowing purchasers to Opt Out, the opt-out message will be hidden.
  4. Account Status: Demo, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th events> Event Start Date/Time and Event Closing Date/Time: updated the calendar to be a date picker and slider for the time. The date/time fields can no longer be typed in; they have to be picked from the calendar.

Issues Resolved:

  1. Ticket Page
    1. Ticket purchase: The confirm button can no longer be clicked multiple times during checkout.
    2. Manage Guests: When a guest is added without a last name and guests are converted into bidders, the process is once again finishing successfully. First and Last name are required to make guests into bidders. There will be a error message at the top of the page if either is missing.
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