ClickBid 10.2.220414 Release

April 14, 2022


  1. Items > Thank You Letters: updated the ‘Thank You Letters’ to Item Donors
    1. Added 5 new shortcodes:
      1. [date]-Display the current date
      2. [donor_display_name]-Show the Donor Display Name from the Item Donor record
      3. [address_2]- Display line 2 of a donor’s address
      4. [items]- Display a bulleted list of donated items. (this replaced [item_name])
      5. [items fmv]-Display a bulleted list of donated items, including FMV. (this replaced [fmv])
    2. Use one or any combination of the following attributes (pictured below) to group donated items into a single thank you letter.  For example, checking only the email box will aggregate donated items where the donor’s email address is the same. Check the email and phone boxes and the donor has to have the same email and phone to have their donated items combined in one letter.
      Select Field

      • Info bubble
        Info Bubble
      • For the ‘Thank You Letters’ best practice document click here  
  2. Self Registering: when a phone or email is in the system, a ‘Log Me In’ button was added and the ‘Go Back’ button is changed to ‘Start Over’.
    • The ‘Log Me In’ will take you to the login page where you will receive your ‘one time’ log in code. The ‘Start Over’ will take you back to the Event Landing Page.
      Phone pop up Email Pop up
    • If the auction is not open yet and the register now button is on the landing page or the Enable Text to Register is on when you go to register if your phone or email is in the system this is the pop up you will receive, once clicking OK that will take you back to the event landing page.
  3. Text To Give: Updated the incomplete resend link verbiage for donations to include first name (if available), original donation amount, and organization name. (if there is no first name, the message will start with Hello,)
    resend link text
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