ClickBid 10.1.220203 Release

February 4, 2022


  1. Butler > Checkout: Added the ability to include a donation amount during checkout
    • Auction Settings>Payment: a new field was added for ‘Butler Bidder Checkout Donation Item’
      auction settings
    • From Butler > Bidder Lookup, when clicking the ‘checkout’ button, a donation can be added without going back to the Butler Main Menu and using ‘Add a Bid’ or the ‘Appeal/Raise the Paddle’ functions.
    • Screenshot of only one donation item configured to receive donations. Donation items can be set to Active, Closed, or invisible status and be seen in the butler.
    • Multiple donation items configured under Manage Items and selected under Auction Settings>Payment, the bidder can be asked which item they want to donate to.
      3 items

Issues Resolved:

  1. Item Bid History: now updating the bidder number correctly if the bidder number changes after they place bids.
  2. Bidding Site: Added commas to Silent, Live, & Quantity items Bid/Info and More/Buy sections and preview sections for any amount with 4 digits or more.
  3. Manage Bidders: Only one checked-in tag is being created.

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