ClickBid 10.0.220107 Release

January 7, 2022


  1. Updated best practices were added to Manage Bidders, Manage Items, Data Management, and New Event Instruction pages.
  2. Modify Tickets: Additional verbiage was added next to the title “Sold Out Message” under Ticket Information, Sponsorship Information, and Underwriting Information.
  3. Guest Update Link page: Updated verbiage under the “tap for more info…” button if a ticket page has “add a selection” set up.

Issues Resolved:

  1. Recurring Donor: Send Login Link now sends the link even if a recurring donation hasn’t happened yet.
  2. Manage Items: Live Eventstream items starting bid and raise can be updated from the Batch Update area.
  3. Bidding site: Donation item with a progress bar shows all “stats” under the bar.
  4. Item Share Link Page: is now always showing images.
  5. Renewing an account that did not have a previous ticket page and purchasing one for the first time will not present “Manage Ticket Pages” under Event Tickets.
  6. Donations/TTG:
    1. Donations page style has been updated.
    2. In the Donation Description content area when using the toolbar “Ordered List” and “Unordered List” they are now displaying correctly on the Donation Page.
  7. RSVP ticket: updated verbiage
  8. Readiness Dashboard: will only show a warning for Quantity items starting bid under $5.
  9. Bidder Import template: if a duplicate phone or email address is imported and there is no bidder number on the template only the first and last name will show. If a bidder number is entered on the template then the warning will show the bidder number.
  10. Landing Page Content:
    1. Page Settings: under the Navigation area if there is no ticket page licensed for the admin account, the “Ticket Form Name” field will be labeled “Ticket Page Url http(s):// is required”.
    2. When pasting from a word document into Landing page sections the Keep and Clean buttons are once again visible.
  11. Payout email dates/times are matching the Reconciled Transactions dates/times (adjusted for time zone).
  12. When the cc fees are 0.000 in the admin, the ticket page receipts will not show the line for Administration Fee.
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