7.6.0501 released

May 2, 2020


1. View ticket sales now shows a column for cc fee. This column is included
when downloading the CSV. We also added the ‘show/hide’ button to this page
so you can choose which columns you see or don’t see on the page.
2. Added a ‘recaptcha’ box to the ‘Register today’ page where bidders

Issues Addressed:

1. Submitting an online/TTG donation is once again consistently loading the
payment page.
2. You can no longer click ‘Launch Appeal Display’ without first selecting an
3. Appeal display issues regarding TTG donations were resolved.
4. Double quotes in the ‘Donation Title’ field are now being stripped during
display on the OD/TTG page as they were causing issues with allowing a
credit card to be entered.
5. A cascading inward display of bidders in butler was corrected.

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