Raiser’s Edge NXT Integration

May 12, 2022

The Best Donor Management for Your Event

Continuing our mission to provide organizations with the best products and functions they need, ClickBid is proud to introduce a new integration partnership with Raiser’s Edge by Blackbaud


Raiser’s Edge has proven itself as one of the top companies when it comes to donor management, and this is one of the many reasons why we are extremely excited to begin this integration partnership. Bringing our two worlds together, our data-sharing partnership will allow ClickBid to send data to Raiser’s Edge before, during, and after events. With this integration, organizations will now be able to:

    • Import Raiser’s Edge constituents 

    • Export bidders from ClickBid to Raiser’s Edge 

    • Update Raiser’s Edge constituents with ClickBid data 

    • Send paid sales (tickets, donations, auction items) from ClickBid to Raiser’s Edge 

So when you use the integration with Raiser’s Edge, we will present you with an entire list of all of the purchases and donations that happened during your event and then you can send those back to Raiser’s Edge by linking them to an existing constituent. If the constituent doesn’t exist, you can simply go ahead and create one on the fly to have that sale created. 

We are excited to have the wonderful opportunity to be working with Raiser’s Edge from Blackbaud. We know that you will be able to use these two products together to get the absolute best in event fundraising and the best donor management for organizations. 

Click here to view how to get started with integrating your ClickBid admin with Raiser’s Edge. 

For more information on the ClickBid and Raiser’s Edge Integration, click here. 

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