Introducing AuctionGPT: The Virtual Assistant for Nonprofits

September 18, 2023

Exciting news for all ClickBid users! We are thrilled to announce the launch of AuctionGPT, an AI content assistant that makes it easier for nonprofits to promote their causes to a wider audience and make a meaningful difference. 

The new AI assistant leverages Open AI’s ChatGPT technology integrated within the ClickBid platform to help you craft compelling and engaging content for your fundraising efforts. 

Unlike ChatGPT, this new tool was designed with charities like yours in mind. Instead of spending hours writing instructions and prompts, AuctionGPT makes it easy to create content in a way that resonates with your audience and communicates key event messages.

Over 21 years, ClickBid founder Matthew Brunell found that many charitable organizations struggled to keep up with the demands of creating compelling content, managing communications, and using available technology. 

He said he designed the AI to level the playing field for charities with limited resources, offering them the tools and support they need to compete.

“If you’ve ever used ChatGPT then you know it takes a lot of prompts and instructions before it will produce the type of content you want,” he said. “AuctionGPT was designed with charities in mind, and already includes instructions and prompts for people to use, so they can effortlessly generate content in a way that resonates with their supporters and attracts potential donors.”

What Can You Create with AuctionGPT?

Communication is a critical component of any successful organization, especially true for nonprofit organizations. However, crafting effective content can be hard when low on manpower and resources, leaving supporters uninformed. AuctionGPT helps your nonprofit craft social media posts, landing pages, and emails in a fraction of the time. Utilize this tool to help save time and allow yourself to build new relationships with donors and accomplish important mission-based tasks. ClickBid envisions AuctionGPT as a valuable resource capable of curating the following content for your nonprofit:

  • Persuasive Fundraising Letters
  • Compelling Auction Item Descriptions
  • Engaging Social Media Posts
  • Appealing Sponsor Thank You Letters
  • Any Additional Content Promoting Your Upcoming Fundraiser

ClickBid and AuctionGPT aim to emerge as a game-changer, addressing these challenges head-on by offering “at-your-fingertips” AI-generated content based on user suggestions.

Burnell said that unlike ChatGPT, ClickBid’s virtual assistant is designed with the nonprofit's goals in mind, allowing them to save hours in event preparation and management. 

“Charities are the backbone of our communities, tirelessly working to make the world a better place,” Burnell said. “With AuctionGPT, we aim to make AI practical and easy to use. Our goal is to level the technology playing field for all charities, so they can focus on what truly matters to them – making a difference in the world."

To learn more about AuctionGPT and how it can benefit your charity, visit

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