How to Find Quality Live and Silent Auction Items

June 27, 2022

Silent and live auctions are an excellent way for nonprofits to create a fun element during their fundraising event. Not only does it help your organization raise money, but it also provides you with minimal advanced investment and overhead.

Both silent and live auctions attract a wide array of donors by providing several items and packages, encouraging participation from all. But it can be hard to find quality items that your donors are interested in. Keep reading to learn about the top five ways to obtain quality items for your next fundraising event. 

Local Businesses 

One of the easiest, most effective ways to find auction items is by reaching out to local businesses.

Simply email local businesses asking them if they’d be interested in helping your nonprofit by donating auction items. Depending on the business, auction items can vary in price, which is perfect for item packages. 


If a local business is not interested in donating a physical item, ask them if they would be interested in providing a charitable donation instead. This would then allow your organization to purchase an item on their behalf. 


It doesn’t hurt to ask local businesses if they would be interested in helping your organization! Even if they do not donate, your efforts encourage participation and build recognition of your organization.


Pro Tip: It is best to reach out to a wide variety of businesses to find items of all categories. 

Local Artists 

Another great way to obtain auction items for your charity is by reaching out to local artists. Local artists can donate a piece of their work to your fundraising event, creating a wide variety of items to offer to your donor base. Typically, artwork displayed at auctions is very successful and provides an enormous amount of return. 


If a local artist is not interested in donating a physical item, you can ask if they would be interested in making a charitable donation instead. Reaching out to local artists increases your chances of obtaining quality auction items, gains brand awareness for your organization, and potentially increases your donor base for future events.

Reaching out to Board Members 

Does your nonprofit have active board members? Another way to acquire quality auction items is by reaching out to your board members. If your board members do not have any items to donate, you can ask them to provide a charitable donation for your team to purchase auction items on their behalf. 

It is important to reach out to the correct donors who are passionate about your cause. Your board members are already actively involved within your organization and encouraging them to donate would potentially allow your charity to get more auction items. 



TravelPledge provides consignment experiences varying from golf packages, musical lessons, vacations, cruises, and bucket list experiences available for your nonprofit to use during your next live or silent auction event. Simply browse a catalog list of items, select which experiences you want to use at your event, and offer them at your event! 


If the items do not sell, no worries. You only pay TravelPledge for items sold and keep roughly 40-80% of the winning bid (each item’s percentage varies on the provider’s settings). TravelPledge will send your winning bidders all the information they need about the item they won, so it’s very hands-off for your organization. 


TravelPledge also easily integrates with ClickBid Mobile Bidding — providing seamless integration to import items, send winning bidder information to TravelPledge, and pay your TravelPledge invoice after your event. Click this link to view TravelPledge’s catalog of items you can use at your next event.

HGA Group 

HGA Group also provides consignment item packages and experiences available to be sold at your next fundraising event. HGA Group’s trips range in price and location — perfect for customizing for any size charity. With HGA trips, you can purchase as many packages as you want or need. The winners of the items will contact HGA directly to book hotels and organize dates. 

Interested in learning more information about HGA? Head to their website to browse their offered trips and best sellers. 

Time to Get Started 

There are many different options to obtain quality auction items for your next fundraising event. Not everyone can provide quality items, but you can always ask your donor base for charitable contributions donations for your team to purchase items with. It is important to obtain enough items from different categories to attract all bidders and encourage bidding. 


By contacting previous donors, local businesses, or working with consignment businesses, you have endless options to start building your silent or live auction. 


Get started on your outreach today by connecting with the groups mentioned in this blog. 

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