The Importance of Text-to-Give & Matching Gifts on Giving Tuesday

November 20, 2023

In the fast-paced world of philanthropy, the cross between technology and generosity has redefined the way donors support nonprofits. With Giving Tuesday just around the corner, nonprofits and charities are gearing up for a day that can make a significant impact on their missions. 

In a recent webinar hosted by ClickBid in collaboration with Double the Donation, we dove into the power of Text-to-Give and the potential of Matching Gifts. As nonprofits plan for Giving Tuesday, it's the perfect time to explore the essential role that these innovative methods can play in the way donors support their mission.

Different Vehicles of Donations

There are many ways a nonprofit can communicate with its donors on Giving Tuesday (Letters, emails, QR codes, and text-to-give just to name a few). These ‘vehicles’ can be useful for different strategies throughout the year. But what works best for Giving Tuesday? 


What is Text-to-Give? 

Text-to-give, also known as text-to-donate, is a fundraising method that allows donors to make charitable donations using their mobile device's texting capabilities. It's a simple, convenient way for a nonprofit to collect donations.

The Importance of Text-to-Give 

Text-to-give allows your nonprofit to meet your donors where they are most: on their phones. According to research, 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of delivery. 

Messaging that is unique, clear, and to the point will capture your reader's attention. Given that donors are likely checking their phones constantly, you should leverage this opportunity to generate more revenue and spread awareness for your nonprofit.

Text-to-give doesn't have to be exclusive to Giving Tuesday, it can be customized for any campaign throughout the year, creating a sustainable giving pattern for your nonprofit. Using text-to-give as a year-round fundraising strategy can be highly effective and versatile, creating a simple yet quick way for donors to submit online donations.

How to Use Text-to-Give 

Your nonprofit will need to define a unique keyword that relates to your organization, yet is simple enough for your donors to text. For example, ‘SAVETHETURTLES’ to 12345. This is what your donors will use to initiate their donations. 

During Giving Tuesday, the nonprofit industry is flooded with many organizations fighting for their donor's attention. As a result, your organization’s strategy must stand out and be simple enough to receive your donor's focus. Make sure your supporters understand how the giving process works, by creating clear and concise instructions for them to follow and communicating what they can expect.

Ensure your text-to-give campaign is flawless. Try replicating your donor's steps to ensure everything looks picture-perfect and if needed, adjust your donation instructions if anything is unclear or confusing for your donors.

Share the Love

Your organization should prepare your donors for Giving Tuesday before the big day. Remind your donors a few days, or even weeks before Giving Tuesday to begin the conversation, letting your nonprofit be in the minds of your donors. 

Try personalizing your messages to connect with your donors on a deeper level, letting them recognize the efforts your nonprofit is making to connect with them. Personalization plays a critical role in ensuring your nonprofit stands out during the busy hours of Giving Tuesday. 

While personalization plays a big role in donor messages, catching the donor at the right moment is also critical. Curating messages and sending them at convenient times throughout the day is best practice.

Sending 1 message on Giving Tuesday will not allow you to capitalize on this day. Preparing and sending a few messages throughout the day will allow you to meet your donors at a time when they can read your message and donate. Use the suggested touchpoints below to ensure your donors are viewing your message.

Suggested Touchpoints:

  • Today’s the Day: 8 am - 10 am
  • Goal Updates: 12 pm - 2 pm
  • Goal Updates: 4 pm - 6 pm
  • Last Call for Donations: 8 pm - 10 pm

Social media also plays a huge role in promoting Giving Tuesday. It is critical to fine-tune all social media channels for optimal engagement with donors, guiding them towards making contributions. 

You should also consider collaborating with local businesses to amplify your reach by incorporating donation instructions at their establishments. Integrating QR codes and online donation instructions within local businesses extends your outreach, connecting with a broader audience and maximizing the potential for raised funds.

What Are Matching Gifts?

Matching gifts, also known as matched donations, refer to corporate philanthropy programs in which an employer matches a charitable contribution made by an employee, essentially doubling the impact of a single donation. Matching gifts can increase revenue brought in by nonprofits and taking advantage of these corporate matching programs generates a greater impact. 

Tips on Standing Out

In the days before Giving Tuesday, announce the availability of the matching gifts for your donors. Provide basic information about what matching gifts are and how significant their impact is. 

The earlier you get the word out, the more familiar your donors will be on Giving Tuesday and with future campaigns. When your donors hear about the potential of their contribution being matched by their employer, this increases excitement and involvement. 

Text-to-Give and Matching Gifts Work Together

Your donation form will likely receive a lot of traffic on Giving Tuesday, especially when you leverage text-to-give. By integrating your matching gift program with your online donation form, your donors can get excited about the possibility of their employer matching their contribution.

If you currently do not have a matching gift program embedded within your online donation form, it’s crucial to collect your donor’s employment data. Your nonprofit can then view the employers and see if the company offers matching gifts. It’s important to quickly follow up with your donors if their employer offers a matching program. 

Many companies require matching gift requests to be submitted by the end of the calendar year, so you may want to send frequent and urgent follow-ups to get your donor to submit the request. 

Reiterate Your Gratitude 

As always, thanking your donors for contributing on Giving Tuesday is important. By thanking your donors, you have an opportunity to enhance your relationship, working towards a stronger bond. 

Within your thank you message to donors, you can highlight the impact Giving Tuesday had on your mission, showcasing real-life examples of what the funds raised will be used for.

So make sure your donors feel appreciated when they do submit a matching request by sending them a personalized thank you message.. 

Keep the Momentum Going

Now that Giving Tuesday is over, keep the momentum going through December. Remember to use text-to-give and proactively market matching gifts throughout the rest of the season. Take advantage of text-to-give and matching gifts, so you can supercharge your efforts and unlock success this Giving Tuesday. 

For more information regarding Matching Gift Programs, please visit Double the Donation’s website

For more information regarding Text-to-Give, please visit ClickBid’s website

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