ClickBid Release Notes - 5.7

April 23, 2018


  • Mass Message Ticketed Guests with Link to Become Bidders – you can now send the [bdr] link to a filter called ‘Ticketed Guests no Bidder Number’. When clicked, this link will create a bidder number and take them to the chk page where they can complete their info per admin settings for the chk page (addr/cc req).  This bidder number is then tied to the guest record to whom the message was sent, i.e. you would be able to see the bidder number on Manage Guests.  Reminder that updating guest info will update the corresponding bidder, but updating the bidder will NOT update the guest record.
  • You can now add a percentage to cover credit card fees as well as use the default wording or your own custom message.  All payment related pages (except admin checkout) and receipts have been updated to allow for this, including refund pages.  This works for any credit processor. Admin checkout has a link to butler checkout if the fee was added and needs to be charged.  If no percentage is added, everything looks exactly the same as it did before (no impact on existing clients not using it).
  • A Refunds report has been added for CB processing accounts that details and totals all refunds in the system, broken down by auction, tickets and donations.
  • View Ticket Sales now has an icon indicator (a red circular arrow) to indicate a refund exists for that transaction.
  • Manage Items has several improvements
    1. When a user clicks ‘add item’, does not update the item name, and clicks the button to return to the list, a simple popup appears with ‘Keep this Item’, ‘Delete this item’ or ‘Cancel’.
    2. The ‘Done editing’ button now says ‘Complete and go back’
    3. When clicked, the above button sends you back to the item list page and refreshes that page automatically
    4. Batch update now allows you to update # of bids to show.
    5. When an item is added or edited, the ‘Essentials’ section is automatically revealed.
  • Display cards can now show organization logo as a footer
  • Reli-Bid (previously Priority) processing purchases are now all receiving an invoice number that is passed to the merchant account.
  • A button has been added on the Custom CSS page to load a default template of CSS settings.

Issues addressed

  • Admin checkout and self-checkout were not allowing checkout of a bidder with a non-10-digit phone number that was marked international.
  • Account status dates/times should now be am/pm instead of 24hr.
  • Reports >> Consignment Detail will now ignore any items with $0.00 or 0% consignment amounts
  • The background image of Block B on the Landing Page will now be displayed correctly instead of showing the landing page background image.
  • The Landing Page Content login block link to change timezone and DST is now working.
  • Manage Bidders, the delete import ID button is now working again.
  • Reports >> Post Event Report will now execute when an item has a consignment amount.
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