ClickBid Release Notes - 4.19

June 7, 2017


  • Manage Items has a new batch update option to set ‘Show Names in History’ to Yes or No.

Issues Resolved

  • On the View Ticket Sales page, when updating guest info, it was possible to leave the guest name fields blank and create a bidder record.
  • From the bidding site, selecting the ‘Stats’ page after purchasing an item with the buy now option, the system was displaying an error.
  • From the bidding site, if 2 people attempted to purchase a quantity item and not enough quantity remained to allow both purchases, each purchase was still allowed.
  • If a user attempted to add an item with an existing item number, the system was allowing the item to be submitted but then showing an error.
  • In Butler, if the enter key was clicked from the keyboard, the user was prompted to enter the credit card fields.
  • The report Items Won by Bidder was incorrectly showing an amount paid over FMV for raffle items that should not have shown any amount paid over FMV.
  • Software Settings, Auction Event, Payment Settings, passcode and merchant field labels for Bambora said Beanstream instead (Bambora’s previous name).
  • A 2nd event purchase with an invoice sales code was showing an error.
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