ClickBid Release Notes - 4.14

February 14, 2017


  1. Stripe has been added as a 3rd party credit processor for US and Canada.
  2. Consignment items can now be tracked. This includes importing and exporting items, adding/editing items, post-event dashboard summary reporting and a Consignment Details report on the Reports menu.
  3. Ticket Sales for now includes the purchaser name as the cardholder for reporting in the client’s account.
  4. Ticket Sales for now includes the Authorize Transaction ID as the invoice number on the ClickBid ticket purchase receipt.
  5. Ticket page discount codes and their totals are now included on the Pre-Event dashboard (totaled across all ticket pages for the account) and on the Sales Summary page for each ticket page.
  6. Manage Guests page was updated to display bidder number, then table name, then notes (instead of the opposite order).
  7. Manage Items ‘Essentials’ and ‘Type & Bidding Info’ sections were combined into ‘Essentials’.

Issues Addressed

  1. Ticket page comment section responses were not showing on View Ticket Sales.
  2. Ticket page meta description was blank causing unintended info to display when posting link on social media.
  3. In some instances, updating only some of the credentials for an account were causing multiple account credentials to be recorded.
  4. Manage Images could cause an error if it was attempted to download to zip with no photos in the account.
  5. Mobile checkout for was generating an error since hosted fields rollout.
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