ClickBid Release Notes - 4.2

September 2, 2015

Major Release to allow in app upgrades and online signup for services.


  1. Added an Account Status Page where Organizations can see what they have already purchased and purchase more if needed.
  2. Added an Add Features Page where ClickBid staff can activate features for an organization (i.e. for orgs paying on an invoice instead of with credit card).
  3. Put limits on Bidders and Items. Organizations won’t be able to add more of these once their limit has been met.
    1. Counters were placed on the following pages
      1. Pre Event Dashboard
      2. Manage Bidders
      3. Manage Items
    2. Limits for adding were placed on the following pages
      1. Add Bidder
      2. Add Item
      3. Upload Bidder
      4. Upload Item
      5. Bidding site login page (A message is displayed once the event has reached its limit, preventing additional bidders from self-registering)
      6. Event Butler App (add a bidder is not allowed if limit is met)
      7. Event Manager (add a bidder is not allowed if limit is met link to purchase more available)
  4. Turned on Manage Ticket Page for Organizations to create their own ticket page (previously only available to ClickBid staff).
  5. Placed the ticket page URL at the top of the Manage Tickets page for coping and pasting into an email as well as a button to launch the ticket page from Manage Tickets (to easily see changes).
  6. Added a feature where the ticket page top image can be uploaded by the user.
  7. Event Settings
    1. Added the ‘Allow guests to bid before Auction starts’ checkbox to this page. Updating either here or Mobile App Settings produces the same setting on both pages.
    2. Payment Method is limited based on country and whether or not they have purchased Credit API
      1. In U.S., Payment Method can be ClickBid or not set, or if API has been purchased
      2. In Canada, Payment Method can be not set, or Moneris if API has been purchased
      3. Changing Time Zone and Payment Method updates internal tracking software for ClickBid customer service.
      4. The Text Message Content  entry box and the Use Short Code for Texting  checkbox are visible only when Mass Messaging has been purchased.
  8. Text/Email Bidders is turned on when Mass Messaging is purchased, there is a message in the menu option that alerts user to ‘Upgrade Available’ if it isn’t purchased.
  9. Text/Email Bidders is always available to ClickBid customer service for demonstrations of the functionality to clients.
  10. On Mobile App Settings page we now validate the ‘Require guests to enter their Credit Card information?’ checkbox to make sure that there is a credit processor selected in event settings (we can’t allow bidders to be required to enter a card if no card processor has been selected). Also added this validation to the Manage Ticket Page we don’t allow credit as a payment type for ticket sales if no Payment Method has been selected.
  11. Increased branding by adding a better logo to several pages.
  12. Added a signup page to allow clients to demo or purchase the software directly from our public website.
  13. Removed Credit Card from the drop down batch payment options on the Event Payments page if no credit processor is selected
  14. Added a cancel account page in the event someone wants to cancel their account before their demo period has expired.
  15. Updated wording on the welcome page to indicate new options for managing the account.
  16. Added a manage Sales Code page to allow sales codes to be used for tracking salesperson performance.
  17. Added a Reports menu option with several new reports.
  18. Updated In-Event Dashboard with numerous new charts and a powerful new ‘bids over time’ graph.
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