8.5.210222 Released

February 22, 2021


  1. EventStream – Here is a link to a video showing the EventStream enhancements:  https://youtu.be/S6TgVV5RRvo
    • EventStream Manager: You can now conduct your fund-a-need/paddle raise without your bidders leaving the live auction popup on the bidding site. You can also choose which increments to show and only show one amount at a time as you conduct your appeal. The increments appear as buttons that can be turned on/off and an ‘Other’ button is also available to allow donations in any amount.
    • Launch Confidence viewer is now located under the Manage Your EventStream button in the Butler. You can either Launch the Confidence Display from the EventStream Manager or you can send this feature to your auctioneer via text or email.
    • On the EventStream Manager, live auction Starting Bid can be adjusted by using the +/- buttons until the first bid has been placed. Then the +/- shifts to changing the bid increments.
    • The Video Feed in the EventStream Manager can now be hidden or you can click the Show Feed so you can view it while running your live auction and fund-a-need.
    • The chat box in the EventStream Manager is now located in the lower right corner and can be clicked on to view chats or closed so they are not seen while you are running your live event. We suggest having someone else monitor your chats from the Bidders>Chat Bidders page in the admin.
    • Increased size of the video stream popup on desktop/tablets.
    • Improved viewer count on live broadcast stream now includes non-bidders.
    • Overall design improvements within bidding application, ticket pages, Donations/Text-to-Give, landing page.
    • Admin Welcome (home) page in the Vitals section: if your video privacy settings are set to Filter on Bidders or Filter on Table you will see a red warning that says EventStream is Filtering on Viewers with a link to the Live Broadcast page where you can change this setting.

2. Under Training/Support>Training Hub tab is now called the Training Hub/Best Practices.


  1. The history for the items are showing once again in the bidding app>Bid/info>History
  2. EventStream Starting bid is showing the start bid correctly for each item.

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