8.2.1002 released

September 30, 2020


1. EventStream Live Broadcast page went through some formatting changes to try to make it easier to understand the different ways that someone can broadcast and the info they need. Links to the latest Millicast version of OBS for WebRTC streaming have been added.
2. EventStream Butler Manage your EventStream page now allows Editing the winning bidder number.
a. This can only be done if the winning bid has not been paid.
3. EventStream Butler Manage your EventStream page now allows reopening a closed item.
a. The closing time of the item is automatically changed to 30-35 minutes in the future when the item is reopened.
b. The auction for this item is automatically restarted so bidding can begin again immediately.
4. EventStream Butler Manage your EventStream page now updates the closing time to within 5-10 minutes in the future when a live item is marked sold.
5. On the bidding site, if the bidder uses the ‘forgot?’ link to retrieve their password, there is now the option to receive this by text message instead of email.
6. For BidKit Payments, the banking info can only be entered by an admin user the first time. After that they now have to submit a support request to change the banking info.

Issues addressed:

1. Butler EventStream is now showing unsold live items in numeric order.
2. Items > Manage Items, uploading images once again uploads them to a size that fills the bidding site display box.

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