8.0.0618 released

June 19, 2020


1. The Butler EventStream page now has a ‘bidder counter’ that monitors how
many bidders are viewing the live stream. This number is updated once every
minute. If a given bidder is logged in and streaming on more than one
device, it will only show as one on the counter. If the bidder was
streaming and closes the stream window, that will decrease the count. If
the bidder is streaming on a phone and the phone “goes dark” (shuts itself
off due to inactivity), that will reduce the count.
2. The Butler EventStream page now allows live bids to be deleted in the bid
history section. If a bid is placed in error, it can be deleted right on
the page instead of having to leave the page or load another tab.

Issues addressed:

1. If an EventStream live item was used for ‘practice’ where it was opened for
bidding, received bids and was marked sold, and then its bids were all
removed, the item can now be reopened to be auctioned again.
2. Event dollar totals on the admin home page can once again be seen using
Safari and Firefox browsers.
3. Items created from TravelPledge are once again maintaining their current
closing time.

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