7.6.0515 released

May 18, 2020


1. A ‘house’ icon was added to the bidding site menu bar when logged in.
Clicking this button will take you to the landing page for the keyword where
the bidder is logged in. In place of the login box on the landing page,
there will be a ‘Continue Bidding’ button to get you back to the bidding
site, bypassing any login requirements that were previously entered.
2. The ‘item share’ page now detects the item type and changes the ‘bid’ button
accordingly. The action of the button will remain the same – redirecting the
user to the landing page login box. If the item is a silent item (and
active), it will say ‘Bid Now’. If the item is a donation item (and
active), it will say ‘Donate’. If the item is a live item, it will say
3. The leaderboard was updated to show the column heading of ‘Current’ instead
of ‘High Bid’. If only quantity or donation items are being displayed, it
shows the column heading of ‘Total’.

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